Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, CA, California - Jason Esswein, MS, MFT

About Me

While the focus of my work is on helping clients gain greater insight into, and awareness of, who they are, for those that are curious I’ll take a few moments to provide a little more information about myself…

I truly feel privileged to do the work that I do. Many people have asked me, “How can you do that job?” I respond by telling them how honored I feel to even sit in the same room with people who are willing to take risks, to share things that they have difficulty sharing with anyone (even themselves), and to do the work necessary to make their relationships and their lives the best they can possibly be!

The counseling and psychotherapy services I provide are centered on helping individual adults and couples increase their self-awareness and insight so they can resolve feelings of anxiety and depression, improve their relationships, and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem. I have extensive experience helping people cope with and overcome anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder (manic depression), and also offer parent counseling and individual life coaching services.

After receiving my B.A. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from San Jose State University, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University in 1999.

I launched my private counseling and psychotherapy practice in San Jose, California, in 2005, in order to provide a confidential setting in which clients feel safe, valued, and supported.

In addition to my practice, I have been a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists since 1998. This organization provides continuing education workshops, information on the latest psychotherapy models and techniques, as well as consulting and networking opportunities for therapists throughout California.

I have been published in the Summer, 2010, issue of M Magazine in an article titled, “The Art of Listening”. In this article, I explore the topic of authentic listening and how to hear with an open heart.

I have also provided pro-bono parenting workshops to adoptive parents through local foster care groups, have contributed to local Big Brother and Big Sister organizations, and have taught ballroom dancing professionally for the past two decades.

For more information about me, how I work, or how the professional counseling and psychotherapy service I provide can help you, please feel free to contact me at or at 408-975-2982 to ask any questions you have or schedule a free, initial consultation.

Jason Esswein, MS, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist in San Jose, Campbell, and Los Gatos, CA, California