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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

If you sincerely want to do life differently…

If you’re tired of repeating the same patterns that aren’t getting you what you want out of your relationships and your life in general…

If you’re willing to accept responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions…

Individual counseling and psychotherapy can help you achieve the insight and awareness you need to create the changes you seek!

Now, I know this may seem like a lot of “ifs,” but there’s one thing counseling and psychotherapy require in order to be effective and that’s your desire to be honest with yourself and do the work necessary to find your own answers.

No one can force you to change. But professional counseling can help you create the changes you desire by helping you recognize and resolve the unconscious thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that cause internal suffering and keep you from experiencing all the joy, compassion, peace, and love life has to offer.

Meeting regularly with a therapist in a one-to-one, individual therapy setting is also an effective means of achieving self-growth and self-actualization. In fact, many people attend and enjoy counseling and therapy simply because they relish the journey of becoming more conscious about themselves, their inner world, their relationships, and their connection with their own spirituality.

Furthermore, individual counseling and psychotherapy can help you become more accepting of any uncomfortable emotions you’re experiencing – be they grief, guilt, frustration, or anger – regardless of why, when, and where those feelings came about.

Feelings simply are. They shouldn’t be judged, even though they often seem frightening, illogical, and beyond our ability to control. What’s important is how we react to and express the feelings we have and the meaning we attribute to them.

If you’re interested in understanding, accepting, and loving yourself and others around you, you need to devote some time and energy to getting more comfortable with your feelings and, ultimately, accepting them.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy offers a powerful setting in which you can safely disclose the experiences and emotions you find difficult to discuss with others and even yourself.

As the professional client-therapist relationship between us develops, you’ll find that therapy not only helps you integrate feelings and experiences from your past with your present but also provides a framework for you to identify what you want out of your relationships and life so you can create the change you seek.

Something truly powerful and healing occurs when you feel understood and supported in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, and this is exactly what I strive to provide.

When you’re ready to create the positive, lasting changes you seek, contact me at or at 408-975-2982 to schedule a free, initial consultation and find out how the counseling and therapy services I provide can help you achieve the insight and awareness you need to create a life that is truly worth living!

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